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Monday, January 12th, 2004
11:29 am
Attn: Squad One
Squad One,

Because the squad seems to be falling apart, all active recruits please report to squad_two. Squad One will be dismanteled until the next cycle.
Sunday, January 11th, 2004
2:53 pm
Challenge for Monday - Wednesday
Recruits have until Tuesday morning to get their reports in for the Weekend Challenge. Points will then be tallied and all squads will find out how many points they earned, how the other squads did, and where they rank.

This challenge will work the same way.

Written work: How do you feel you and your squad did with the Weekend Challenge? What helped you? What didn't help you? How will that affect how you succeed in this challenge?
PT: 120 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work

Written work: Feeling depressed, sorry for yourself, and guilty are typically negative emotions that only fuel negative behavior. It's important to stay positive, even in the worst of situations. How can you stay positive and keep a good attitude while losing weight, as opposed to feeling bad for having some weight to lose?
PT: 60 minutes toning, 60 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work

Written work: Today is the last day of Phase I. How do you feel about your bootcamp lifestyle so far? Are you ready for the rest of it? How can you better prepare? What advice would you give to a struggling recruit?
PT: 120 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work
Friday, January 9th, 2004
4:48 pm
Name: Recruit Amanda
Written assignment: This recruit admires her friends more than anything else. They all seem so perfect, and beautiful. She wants to be this way. Her male friends, for some reason, inspire her more than her female friends. Just because they remind her that no one as lovely as them will love her if she continues to be a fat worthless slob.
Chow: So far this recruit stuck to the chow plan...she hasn't eaten yet today.
PT: This recruit is STILL sick. Ugh.
Hydration: Yes
Vitamin: Yes
Additional notes: This recruit is still depressed.
Thursday, January 8th, 2004
7:47 pm
IST Results
1.5-mile run - 18 minutes
curl-ups in 2 minutes - 100
flexed-arm hang (FAH) or push-ups - 1 minute!! ugh

This recruit made up for her IST today and didn't complete todays other exercise goals, but chow plan is going great
1:46 pm
Weekend Squad-on-Squad Challenge!
Friday starts a squad-on-squad challenge. The Challenge will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When a recruit:
Completes the assigned written work, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

Sticks to her chow plan, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

Completes the PT, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

Drinks at least 64 ounces of water, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

Takes her vitamins, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

At the discretion of your Squad Leader and myself, we may award or deduct additional points based on the following:

Up to five points per squad per day can be EARNED when outstanding character and/or teamwork are displayed.

Up to ten points per squad per day can be LOST for failure to follow orders, failure to employ the Minus Me concept, or disrespect towards a Squad Leader, myself, or fellow recruit.

Written Work – Find something or someone motivational or inspirational that will help you succeed with this challenge. Share it with the squad by either using a link or describing that person or thing. Explain how and why that person or thing motivates and/or inspires you.

PT – 120 minutes cardio; 20 minutes stretching. If you did not pass the run portion of the IST it is recommended that you go for at least a 1.5 mile run.

Written work – What are two traits AND one experience you’ve had that will help you to succeed in this challenge, not only in bootcamp, but in life in general. How will they help you?

PT – 60 minutes cardio; 45 minutes weights/toning; 20 minutes stretching. If you did not pass the run portion of the IST it is recommended that you run six ¼ mile sprints. If possible, a 1.5 mile run would also be advisable. If you did not pass the pushups/FAH and/or curlup portion of the IST, it’s recommended that you work on those areas during the weights/toning portion of the workout.

Written work – Sunday is a day of rest in the military. People don’t stop working, but they tend to slow down unless they’re in the field or deployed. Do you believe in God or any other superior force? What about religion? Why or why not? No answer is right or wrong, and no answer will be ridiculed. This is simply an exercise to offer new trains of thought to one another.

PT – 30 minutes choice

Please fill out the following form for your daily reports to make tracking points easier:

Name: (Recruit Name)
Written assignment: (insert your response to “written work” here, but remember to use Minus Me)
Chow: (Yes/No – Did you stick to it?)
PT: (Yes/No – Did you perform the workout specified, or the variation approved/ordered for you?)
Hydration: (Yes/No – Did you drink at least 64 ounces of water?)
Vitamin: (Yes/No – Did you take your vitamin(s)?)
Additional notes: (insert anything you’d like to add about the above or your day)
12:02 am
Bad News...
This recruit just found out that her grandmother has less than a month to live...This recruit has been fasting for the past 30+ hours and then went to KFC and ate a little and purged it all. This recruit will continue to follow the guidelines expected of her, and will report in accordingly. Today this recruit has not done PT yet, but will in a few minutes. This recruit cannot do the mile run, as of weather conditions and severe asthma, but will walk 3 miles tomorrow, and exercise on this recruit's exercise bike for 30 minutes. Hopefully, that will make up for lack of today's PT. Please let me know if this is unacceptable, Ma'am. Thank you.

Current Mood: Devastated
Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
7:00 pm
This recruit is going to make up the IST as soon as she gets over the flu. AGAIN. This recruit is planning to stay under 1000 calories for this month, because she's basically been on a binge/purge cycle for the last oh, month and a half. Blah. This recruit has nothing else to say right now, cause she is having a shitty time in life and doesn't care that much what happens to her right now. (Her apologies for being a downer :-/)

Current Mood: depressed
7:51 pm
Hi, I'm Carrie, from upstate NY. I just signed up today and I"m still reading through everything. I plan on making up what i was suppose to do today - tomorrow. Thanks so much. This is exactly what I needed.

I'm 16, love reading, writing, music, anything artistic..etc

I've had an eating disorder ana & mia intertwined. I lost a lot but then depression helped me gain it all back plus some few more pounds. I'm aiming to drop 20 pounds. Okay. thanks so much. If i forgot anything please remind me.. -love
10:42 am
Day One

Welcome to Bootcamp! Welcome to the journey of breaking down false barriers. From here on out, you will be challenged. You will be pushed. You will learn that pain is weakness leaving the body!

However, you don't embark on this adventure alone. You're amongst a squad. Teamwork! Know it! Practice it! You'll need it! No one gets through this alone. You need to motivate and inspire your squadmate to stick to it for "just one more day" because tomorrow you may need the same.

You also have a dedicated Squad Leader that's here to push you and teach you to push yourself. If you pay attention, maybe, just maybe, you'll learn something along the way.

In addition, I'm here. At this time I will formally introduce myself:
My name is Jessica L. Jacobson, 2d Lt. Jacobson or ma'am to you. I am the creator of bootcamp and oversee its progress. This is the first bootcamp cycle, but I know it can, and will, be a success. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, be they bootcamp related or not, don't hesitate to contact me. My e-mail address is ReignFreedom@msn.com and my screen name on AIM is goldnscarlet.

A point I believe I have neglected to bring up is custom and courtest when speaking with seniors. Your Squad Leader and I are here for you, but we are not your contemporaries at this time. Address YOUR Squad Leader as Squad Leader Name or ma'am. Address OTHER Squad Leaders as ma'am only. We're not stuck up pricks. If you'd like to speak with any of us, simply ask permission to speak freely, don't forget the Minus Me concept, and much more often than not we'll gladly grant it. As we are to treat you with respect, you are to reciprocate that.

Good luck, recruits. I can't wait to welcome you into the sisterhood of MMs!
Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
6:24 pm
a little more about me
Hey guys - it's your squad leader! I'm Dana (pronounced day-na) and a high school junior from Montana. I'm hoping to make a good squad leader and set a good example for all of you (even though anyone who knows me in real life knows that I suck at keeping goals). Right now I'm 109 lbs at a little under 5'2" - 22 pounds more than my goal weight. But we'll be working on that, won't we?

Other than being completely self-absorbed and obsessed with my eating disorder [I'm mia with ana tendencies when it comes down to it], I do actually have a life. I love writing - journal entries, poems, short stories, and the like - and scrapbooking, and I don't know where I'd be without music. I listen to a lot of rock but I'll actually listen to pretty much anything; my favorite artists include Our Lady Peace, Eminem, Pink, Incubus, Staind, and Martina McBride. In school, I'm a decent student even though I don't apply myself, and I'm involved in choir, dance/drill team, and HOSA, which is an organization for students interested in medical careers. When it comes down to it though, I'd rather be wasting time or partying with my friends than doing anything else.

So yes, that's me in a nutshell. Feel free to read my journal [my ana one on LJ, my actual one on diary-x at this link] or talk to me - Sassystarlette05 on AIM, short_n_sweet1824@hotmail.com on MSN. Good luck everyone! <3

Current Mood: lethargic
8:24 am
Assignments for the next Two Days
Jan 7
Today will not be very physically taxing; most of today will be spent preparing for Phase I so we can get started with the Bootcamp lifestyle.
Assignments for today:
Read A Recruit's Knowledge Book and comment to let us know that you read it
Devise chow plan and make a post letting us know what your plan is
Take IST and report your scores. Your Squad Leader or myself will comment and let you know if you passed.

The IST is the initial strength test that all bootcamp participants much take. The IST consisits of:
1.5-mile timed run
curl-ups in 2 minutes (counted)
flexed-arm hang (FAH) or push-ups (timed or counted)

Explanation of exercises:
To perform a curlup a recruit takes the normal situp position with her feet either held or slid under a couch or the like. She grabs her biceps while keeping her arms against her chest. She comes up until her elbows touch her thighs and come down until her shoulderblades hit the deck. That counts as one repitition.

To perfom a flexed-arm hang (FAH) the recruit must find a suitable bar to hang from. She starts with her chin above the bar, gripping the bar with either both palms facing towards or away from her. The clock is started when her feet are removed from the support and ends when there is no more flexion in her arms. If a bar cannot be found, pushups may be substituted for the FAH.

Jan 8
Read http://usmilitary.about.com/library/milinfo/blmarinevalues.htm and discuss how the USMC Core Values can be carried over to civilian life and life in BootCamp
90 minutes cardio PT
30 minutes toning/weights

It is imperative that you take the IST and check in. Your Squad Leader should be arriving shortly if she has not already reported. Come Friday we'll be starting a Squad-on-Squad challenge. Teamwork will be absolutely necessary, so get to know, and rely upon, your fellow squadmates early on. It'll be invaluable.
8:22 am
A Recruit's Knowledge Book
Good morning, everyone! Behind the LJ cut is A Recruit's Knowledge Book. It's jam-packed with information you'll need to get started in bootcamp. It may be a long read, but please read all of it. I suggest either printing or bookmarking this post for future reference.

Read more...Collapse )
1:03 am
Hey. Name's Robyn. I'm 16 from Massachusetts. My CW is 89-90 and my GW is 79. I'm getting psyched about this, but my friends and family want me to go into treatment (Stupid me for opening my big mouth...) I'm supposed to go in tomorrow, but if I post again this week, it means I didn't go. My AIM S/n is Sparkey69x if anyone needs it, or just wants to chat. Good luck everyone, and remember...stay safe!

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, January 5th, 2004
4:16 pm
Hi everyone! I'm Amanda, if you didn't already know, and I'm 15. I live in Colorado...I'd rather not post my weight right now, cause it's gone waaay up and I'm...embarrassed. But my goal weight is 98lbs, if anyones cares...lol. Anyway, I've kind of been anorexic and COE, alternating between the two since I was in about 5th grade (I'm in 10th now) and I've purged for a little over a year, I guess. That's not all that interesting, though. Anyway, I'm totally in love with almost all things music, as well as...ok, mostly music. But...I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. :)


Current Mood: cold
3:23 pm
I am a 25 year old female, I live in Massachusetts with my B.F. and his 2 kids, we will be soon moving to Florida-(in the summer!)
I have had eating "issues" for about 5 years. no purging.
...what else?!?!
I look forward to getting to know everyone, and all that sappy junk!!
2:01 pm
Welcome to Bootcamp!
We start Wednesday morning, but until then, please comment here with a short bio about yourself so you can get to know your squadmates.
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